Monday, March 13, 2023

Shivering children 'overawed by Mayor' claim

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Looking for something else in the British Newspaper Archive, I came across a story from the Gloucester Citizen (13 February 1945) that reads like a piece of satire by Dickens himself.


Brighton Social Welfare committee was informed on Monday that following recent complaints improvements were made without delay in the conditions at Warren Farm Schools. 

One member declared Councillor L. Cohen, who led the recent criticism, had made the name of Brighton ''stink". 

Another suggested that the children who had been described as "too cold to cry" were actually over-awed by the presence of the mayor in his robes.

Councillor Cohen replied that if criticism had not been justified improvements now made were unnecessary.

After reading that, I'm pleased to discover that Councillor Cohen made it all the way to the House of Lords. There's a page about the Warren Farm Schools on a Brighton website.

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