Thursday, May 15, 2008

Overblown Claim of the Week

The winner is Peter Dowd, leader of the Labour group on Sefton District Council.

According to the Bootle Times, at last Thursday’s full council meeting he:
accused the Lib Dems of creating “apartheid” after one leaflet attacked a candidate for coming from Bootle.

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iain said...

Peter Dowd has led Labour into a coalition with the Tories in Sefton. Lib Dems won a seat from the Tories in Manor Ward this May. The seat has a colourful history having been held by 3 Labour members. One of them went to prison & one went to China (but came back to give evidence in court against his colleague). Both parties are bitter after we won the seat.
Dowd with Tory support changed the share out of cabinet and committee chairs by axing Lib Dems from key posts. Lib Dems withdrew and went into opposition. At this weeks cabinet meeting the Tories seconded Dowd to take the chair (with casting vote) whilst refusing to fill the vacated -formerly Lib Dem -cabinet places.
It will end in tears