Thursday, April 22, 2010

Most polls score second debate for Nick Clegg too

Last night I was getting great reception on Sky News. This evening it was so poor that I had to turn the sound down and listen to the radio.

My impression from this rather odd way of experiencing it was that the second leaders' debate was a score draw.

Brown and Cameron had clearly learned from last week, so Nick Clegg did not enjoy the clear victory of last week. But his performance was good and became increasingly assured as the evening went on. He was at his best when putting the Liberal case on issues like Europe and immigration, and countered the "we must have strong government" line very well.

The good news is that most polls of viewers and voters and scoring tonight's debate as a second victory for Nick Clegg.

Gordon Brown looked less tired than last week and managed to sound less robotic. David Cameron was less subdued, but I suspect there are large numbers of people out there who simply do not like him. I am one of them.

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