Monday, April 12, 2010

Well done Nick Clegg

He didn't just survive his interview with Jeremy Paxman. He bossed it and got over all the points he wanted to make.

The question is whether the two other leaders will have the courage to be interviewed by him too.


Lavengro in Spain said...

I haven't see the programme, obviously, but this has appeared on Facebook.

'So Nick Clegg, 'saviour' of rural areas has just told Jeremy Paxman he would NOT vote to repeal the hunting ban in England. Get stuffed Clegg, you have just lost Sir Robert Smith at least one vote and maybe 5! Shame really, he was quite a good MP.'

I merely comment.

Anonymous said...

Get much fox-hunting done in Spain????

Iorwerth Caint said...

He did pretty well. In particular he was good at spotting flaws in Paxman's challenge relating to what Lib Dem MPs (e.g. Vince Cable) had said about hospitals. Kept his cool - which I'm sure I couldn't have done.

Lavengro in Spain said...

No f*x-h*nt*ng here, and on UK discussion forums I keep as far away as possible from the subject! I have seen very few matters of discussion that produce more heat and less light.

crewegwyn said...

If somebody wants to lose "quite a good MP" because said MP's party leader takes a particular view on fox-hunting, then one wonders if the person deserves their MP (or the right to vote!) in the first place !!