Monday, April 12, 2010

Six of the Best 35

Writing on Liberal Democrat Voice, Mark Pack informs us that the state now has the right to intercept anyone's post without informing them. And this new power got through the Commons during the wash up process without any debate.

In view of this we had better hope that Jock's Place is on to something when he argues that all the laws that have come out of Westminster since 1999 are consitutionally invalid.

St Aidan to Abbey Manor presents videos of the three party leaders talking about how they see the church and faith groups: "I have to say that Clegg comes across best from this, even though he's the only one of the three without any stated Christian faith. Cameron sounds more like a sales pitch: he says all the right things, but it sounds a bit rehearsed. Brown's view seems to see faith groups as a potential arm of the state, to help deliver the Labour agenda."

Gary Allanach dispels three myths about the Liberal Democrats that he has caught Labour putting forward.

Thanks to Reginald Perrin and The Good Life, Norbiton and Surbiton are two of the spiritual homes of British situation comedy. Diamond Geezer visits them both.

Finally, back to Lib Dem Voice for the toy that all Liberal Democrats will want: a David Heath action figure.

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