Thursday, April 29, 2010

Name of the Day, Letter of the Day and Vicar of the Day

In an ecclesiastical triple whammy, all three awards go to the Revd Richard Haggis from Oxford for this letter in today's Guardian:
Heartbreaking though it is to contemplate the offence caused to the papacy by a silly joke, perhaps a thought could be spared for those of us who are deeply offended by the papacy's reactionary attitude to contraception, women, gay people, and covering up child abuse. Some of us are Christians, too.

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wolfi said...

That series of jokes about what the pope might do in the UK has become a standard with my friends - everybody tries to find something new for Benedict to do - the oficial reaction however ...

Well I knew already that freedom of speech seems not so important in UK as we young Germans once believed.

Anyway this joke is the best of 2010 yet!