Sunday, February 27, 2011

Georges Delerue: Theme from Our Mother's House

Back in 2005 I wrote about Georges Delerue's soundtrack for the 1967 film Our Mother's House:
Away from the film Delerue's music is pleasant, but in context I know of no score which so alters the mood of its film. Our Mother's House is a dark story of a family of children who conceal the death of their mother to avoid being taken into care. Just as the deception is about to be discovered there absentee father turns up and we discover things are not quite as they seemed.

This could have been a distasteful film, yet the music - innocent, lilting, compassionate - lifts it into a different sphere altogether. In doing so it gives Our Mother's House a claim to be one of the most important British films of the 1960s.
Anyway, here is the main theme from the film. If you have not seen Our Mother's House but still find the music oddly familiar, it may be because you have seen The Color Purple.


Anonymous said...

When, oh when, will Turner Classic Movies make this cinema gem available in some format? Never, ever officially released yet !!! Delerue's score is my favorite and I've collected film music for over 30 years...

Anonymous said...

Answer: Warner Archives will release OMH on DVD, made-to-order in March, 2015.