Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sunday Telegraph: David Laws to return to 'big government job' within months

From tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph:
Coalition sources have revealed they expected Mr Laws to be a "major feature" of a wide reshuffle being planned by David Cameron for late spring or early summer.
And the story goes on to say:
a senior coalition source said: "It was felt this was not quite the right time to bring David back. Both David (Cameron) and Nick (Clegg) want him back at the centre of things - in a big government job. The reshuffle planned for a few months' time would seem to be the ideal opportunity. 
"It also allows him to 'do more time' on the backbenches after being found guilt by the committee last year. But there was no sense of Nick wanting to bring him back now and David over-ruling him, or anything like that."

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