Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bill Etheridge: "I suppose they'll be saying Hitler was a racist next"

The Mail on Sunday tells us:
Nigel Farage was facing a storm of protest last night after one of his MEPs was revealed to have coached Ukip candidates to emulate Hitler. 
Bill Etheridge described the Nazi dictator as a ‘magnetic and forceful public speaker’ who ‘achieved a great deal’ – and said the candidates should copy the rhetorical style deployed by Hitler at the Nuremberg rallies.
It seems this advice was given last weekend at a training event for young Ukip members planning to be council or parliamentary candidates.

So if your local fruitcakes march to the stage accompanied by the 'cathedral of light' they went in for at Nuremberg and then spends minutes staring at the audience before they start speaking, you will know who has been training them.

Of course, to the British Hitler's performance always seemed ranting and laughable. Perhaps Mr Etheridge has spent more time watching them than most of us?

This is not the first time Etheridge has graced the pages of this blog. He and his wife left the Conservative Party after they were disciplined for posing with golliwogs and putting the photos on their Facebook page.

He then had a book published by the Conservative Euro candidate Rupert Matthews, which featured a golliwog on it cover, Matthews seems to have done his best to hide this fact afterwards.

All of which reminds me of this moment from A Bit of Fry and Laurie...


Nick said...

I was thinking more on the lines of UKIP as Monty Python's National Bocialists. said...

Cllrs Richardson, Wainwright and Gale are excellent UKIP people.only problem with UKIP is that they've opened the doors to people like Neil Hamilton and failed to promote principled people like Dave Richardson in Rutland. So loonies from the Liberal and Conservative parties, who have had their unprincipled ambition frustrated, have decamped to UKIP. It seems principled people in any political party are overlooked whilst the ambitious self servers are always promoted. Principled people are usually considered to be 'trouble makers' - yet these are the only people who can wrest back democracy and some semblance of order to the endemically corrupt political system. Unfortunately we no longer have principled journalists to hold our politicians to account; nor do we have a police force willing to do their duty without fear or favour. In thus climate Lord Bonkers' loonies are running the asylum and are accountable to no one. When elections are fixed in full view of the police in Rutland; senior staff overpaid; junior staff underpaid; expenses irregularities a matter of public acknowledgement; the uninvestigated and unexplained suicide of senior RCC officers who were whistle blowers treated as a matter of little importance as the Council expresses a wish to 'move on' and the three brave councillors - Gale, Richardson and Wainwright threatened by the police and expensive lawyers fir defamation - then clearly our entire political system is bankrupt. - Including Lond Bonkers' own party.