Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The best Cornish/Dutch wicketkeeper ever

A good cricket trivia question is to ask who the England wicketkeeper was last time we won the Ashes. Remember, it was on Mike Gatting's tour of Australia in 1986-7.

The answer is Jack Richards, the Cornishman who played for Surrey. Not a lot of people know that or even remember Richards' name.

He left the game early and today lives in Antwerp while working in Rotterdam. I have just heard him interviewed on BBC Radio Five Live, and he now has a unique Cornish/Dutch accent.


Anonymous said...

And obviously a man with a personality problem. In his last season with Surrey he batted like Bradman, scored hundreds everywhere he went.

And was sacked, and not picked up by any other County


MarkinLondon said...

My old man was a member at the Oval during that period.

They've had some pretty objectionable people in the Surrey changing room in his experience (dating back to the '7 Championships on the trot' era) but he maintains that Richards took the biscuit.

To not be picked up by anyone else means that you're talking about someone with borderline sociopathic tendancies...