Thursday, July 14, 2005

London bombings latest

First a press release reported on Harry's Place:

The Stop the War Coalition would like to make it absolutely clear that the Jamaican born Lindsey Germaine identified in a New York Times report today as the possible fifth suspect in the London bombings is entirely unconnected with Lindsey German, the London born convenor, of the Stop the War Coalition.

Any suggestion of any connection between these two individuals is both false and libellous.

On a more serious note, the Canadian Globe & Mail is reporting:

The transformation of four young British men into terrorists appears to have taken place at a government-funded storefront youth centre in Leeds that, according to youth workers, was a hub of radical Islamist activity.

The centre was sealed off and searched by police yesterday after three of its workers said in an interview on the street outside that at least two of the suicide bombers had been "very regular" visitors at all hours to the Hamara Youth Access Point, and a third had been seen there occasionally.

"It had become so radical and so hateful that I asked if I could stop working there," said one of the workers, who along with two others described the storefront drop-in centre as a hub of radical Muslim politics and a hotbed of Islamic organizing, routinely hosting mysterious figures to speak about extremist politics.

I found this link via a comment to the posting on Harry's Place. The Guardian has the story too.

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Smithy said...

Having had some experiance in Fleet Street, truth isn't one of the qualities I tend to associate with the area.
What concernes me is the speed at which laws are changing in the wake of reported events. It didn't take long for handguns to be banned in the wake of Dunblane and it hasn't taken long for additions to the Anti-Terrorist laws to make every science teacher a criminal by teaching the nature of reactive chemicals. Are we going back to the dark ages where we will be excommunicated for possesing black candles? Perhaps the equivilant for this enlightened age is household Amonia and Peroxide for bleaching hair?
Telling the public "This only applies to terrorists" is a frightening statement based on the English history for unjust prosecutions.
There's a real danger this current investigation is nothing more than the English version of an American Lynch mob. People kill people not guns or bombs. The law must not only be just, but must be seen to be just.