Sunday, July 31, 2005

England unchanged for second test

The England selectors have named an unchanged squad for Edgbaston.

I think they are right: this is not the time for panic. That will come later in the summer.

When it does, they could do worse than heed the words of Dave Podmore in yesterday's Guardian:
So the first big question is, who's going to open the batting with David Steele? Chris Tavare and Kim Barnett are in the mix obviously, although some would go with Mark Lathwell to get us off to a flier.

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Anonymous said...

Lathwell was a disaster, but both Steele and Tavare sent the Aussies round the twist!!

I remember watching Tav and Boycott bat at the Oval in 1981 - we'd already clinched the Ashes (joy!!) but that didn't stop them adding around 30 in a two hour session.

"No sleep 'til The Oval"...