Monday, July 25, 2005

Watching the Nationalists

Worth a visit is Nat Watch, which bills itself as "Exposing the failure, mendacity and xenophobia of nationalists in Scotland and Wales".

It is more interested in Wales than Scotland, and Peter Black warns us that its vendetta against Plaid's Leanne Wood is part of a Labour campaign against Regional AMs in general and, by implication, proportional representation.

You may recall that Wood was once ordered out of the chamber at Cardiff for referring to the Queen as "Mrs Windsor". Thanks to an intervention by Radical Liberal turned New Labour suit Leighton Andrews, that is.


Andrew Toye said...

A case of mistaken identity perhaps? The Liberal Leighton Andrews was last seen at a Lib Dem conference not that many years ago, living in Essex, and speaking with a South East accent. Hardly consistent with someone born in Cardiff; and the picture of the Labour AM on the Welsh Assembly website doesn't look like him either. Would the real Leighton Andrews please stand up?

Jonathan Calder said...

See here for chapter and verse.

Anonymous said...

Leighton Andrews may be many things but I don't think he's ever been an Essex Boy