Wednesday, May 10, 2006

David Cameron in the 1990s

One element of Cameron's career which has yet to be widely explored is his time as PR man for Carlton TV in the 1990s.

Stumbling and Mumbling points us to a piece on the Guardian website by Steve Busfield from the time of the Tory leadership election:
The Sun's business editor Ian King described the party leader in waiting David Cameron as a "poisonous, slippery individual" - highlighting the time Cameron was PR man for "the world's worst TV company" Carlton in the 1990s. "He was a smarmy bully who regularly threatened journalists who dared to write anything negative about Carlton - which was nearly all of us."


Anonymous said...

We're not usually ones to blow our own trumpets, but we talked about this back in January, in our earlier incarnation.

Anonymous said...

The piece I wanted to link to in my post was a longer article by Ian King, which was one of the most vicious I've ever seen, describing Cameron as a liar and a bully. Sadly, it's lost in the Sun's archive.
Jeff Randall isn't the only intelligent Conservative sympathizer who hates Cameron personally; Tim Congdon (normally a very mild-mannered man) is another. There are skeletons in this closet.

Peter Pigeon said...

I posted a series of pieces on Cameron-phobia in the City back on the old Apollo Blog