Monday, May 29, 2006

Margaret Beckett's caravan

Why are people (examples here, here and here) so bitchy about the fact that Beckett enjoys taking caravan holidays?

Surely this is one of the few endearing things about her?


Stephen Glenn said...

A pedant would write.

Why are the first and last links the same?

But not me. ;-)

Jonathan Calder said...


Tom Paine said...

..because every time there is a brief stretch of open road in England for a motorist to enjoy, some ****wit in a caravan materialises in front of him, inducing depresssion. We all imagine Beckett to be that vanner and would like to set her up as the target of one of those Top Gear stunts where a caravan is destroyed by interesting technical means. Firing her (in her 'van) off an aircraft carrier at an Iranian target would be the best way.