Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mark Oaten on Newsnight tonight

Mark Oaten shows no signs of taking my advice and concentrating on being MP for Winchester for a few years. He is appearing in a Newsnight report tonight. The BBC says:

In the film to be broadcast on Tuesday, Mr Oaten interviewed a psychiatrist, a journalist and another MP caught up in a scandal, to find out why politicians like him "come off the rails".

He said former Education Secretary Estelle Morris was one of the few people who admitted she did not want to do the job any more and resigned.

"The rest of us, it seems, carry on until we almost do press some kind of self-destruct button and then the decision is forced on us, and that's almost easier than having to make the decision yourself."

The idea that such a visibly ambitious politician as Oaten really hated every minute of it, and that his extracurricular activities represented a subconscious attempt to destroy his career, carries little credibility. This report looks more like another battle in a misconceived campaign aimed at rehabilitating him in the public eye.

Meanwhile in Skegness, Freddie the Lion licks his lips.

Later. If you missed the report, which involves Oaten going round in a half-hearted beard listening to people telling him what he wants to hear, you can watch it on the Newsnight website.

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Joe Otten said...

"The rest of us, it seems, carry on until we almost do press some kind of self-destruct button".

Mark Oaten, on the other hand, carries on long after.

My understanding of pop psychology admits the possibility of subconscious self-destructive urges. But I should think there were other urges more to the point. Interesting? Probably. News? Doubtful.