Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sam Walton, Hero of the People

The BBC has identified the mole who told us that they pay Chris Moyles £630,000 a year. Sam Walton, a 23-year-old temporary agency worker, has been sacked.

But why shouldn't we know how much people like Moyles are paid? It is our money.


David Morton said...

I'm a subscriber to Lib Dem news. Am I entitled to know what if anything you get paid for House Points? I don't really feel that I am? Why does my right to know over ride your right to privacy? whats does Mills "harm" test really have to say about this?

Jonathan Calder said...

The BBC is funded by a close relation of the poll tax. That leaves it with more obligations to openness than a newspaper publisher. So I do not think your analogy works.

Liberal Democrat News? Paid?? I'm still laughing at that one.

Lobster Blogster said...

If we should know, it's the job of the BBC board to tell us, not a 23-year-old agency worker. He got sacked because he breached his employer's trust. You should be scaked for wonky logic :)

Lobster Blogster said...

(I should be sacked for poor splelling!)