Thursday, May 18, 2006

Two times a lady

Another profile of the redoubtable Elspeth Campbell, this time from the Scottish edition of the Sunday Times:
Elspeth became Lady Elspeth for the second time in her life when Menzies was knighted in 2004.

It also repeats an anecdote I have read elsewhere:

Campbell’s former career as a sprinter is one of which his wife is conspicuously proud. She is fond of boasting that he was once “the fastest white man in the world”. To which her husband often adds: “For about three weeks in 1967.” At their wedding the best man had teased them about the swiftness of their union by joking that Britain’s fastest man had married Britain’s fastest woman.
There goes my second peerage.


Anonymous said...

Rather romantic account.

Anonymous said...

Seems it true, opposites do attract.