Friday, August 18, 2006

Charles Kennedy: A tragic flaw

The Pandora column in yesterday's Independent reports that Greg Hurst's biography of the former Liberal Democrat leader will be published to coincide with the party's conference next month.

The excitable newspaper says:
The book, which was supposed to be released last month, now threatens to cast a shadow over Kennedy's proposed comeback, as it will reveal a number of details about his battle with alcohol addiction. It is also expected to make several claims about events leading up to his demise that could prove hugely embarrassing to his party colleagues.
Last one to the conference bookstall is a sissy.

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Stephen Glenn said...

I bet the last one won't be the TV camera's.

I remmeber having to avoid the book stall when the Orange Book was launched you couldn't even take a step towards the book stall before one or more TV crews were asking you what you thought of it.

It's one thing when sales staff badger you whilst you browse. Another if your browsing thoughts have a chance of making the evening news which you may miss by being in a fringe meeting.