Wednesday, August 16, 2006

John Reid and the dictators

It seems that our home secretary's enthusiasm for foreign tyrants showed itself well after his days as a student communist in the 1970s. On 22 March 2002 Keven Toolis wrote in the Guardian:
In the international arena, Reid, during his drinking days, fell into bad company in the Balkans with the Bosnian Serb mass-murderer Radovan Karadzic, who tops The Hague's International War Crimes Tribunal list of wanted men. Reid has admitted spending three days in 1993 at a luxury Geneva lakeside hotel as a guest of Karadzic. "He used to talk to Karadzic, he admired Karadzic. He mistook the Bosnian Serb project as the inheritor of the united Communist ideal," says Brendan Simms, a Cambridge academic and author of Unfinest Hour: Britain And The Destruction of Bosnia.
Found via Craig Murray and Media Lens.

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