Friday, August 11, 2006

Liberal Democrat tax plans

Could we have asked for a better set of headlines than these?

Tories outflanked on tax cuts for poor

Lib Dems' green tax plan unveiled

Lib Dems unveil plans for £15bn tax on the rich


Andy Mayer said...

1 and 2 are good but there's nothing particularly positive about number 3 or the Independent story behind it. The equation of the Party's position with Denis Healey, one of the worst Chancellors of the 20th century can hardly be regarded as a cause for celebration.

A better, more accurate headline would have stated 'Lib Dems raise £15bn by removing unwarranted tax breaks'.

Onlinefocus Team said...

"Tories outflanked on tax cuts for poor"

It's a funny old world. I remember the days when we would have been outflanking Labour by helping the poor.

But mostly good headlines - I look forward to reading more.

cymrumark said...

Its proof that the Lib dems have got their spin machine up and running. For many people on low incomes the Lib dem policies would see an INCREASE in taxation whilst people on £50k per year will get a massive £60 a week tax cut.

In cash terms someone on full time minimum wage will get £7.50 a week to help pay for the increase in fuel bills and the extra costs passed on to the consumer from business.

Still "make the poor pay for global warming" will look good on Focus leaflets .....