Tuesday, August 15, 2006

TV Film of the Week: Hell Drivers

On Thursday, starting at 12.35 p.m., BBC2 is showing the 1957 British thriller Hell Drivers.

It deals with dangerous practices in the road haulage industry, and is rather more involving than that makes it sound, even if the footage of lorries careering around corners is rather too obviously speeded-up.

But this film's glory is its cast, and lovers of cult TV and of old British films should certainly watch it or tape it.

Two moments stand out. One is the climax: the hero is Stanley Baker, and he is involved in a lorry chase at the end of the film. (I cannot recall if he is the hunter or the quarry.) The other lorry is driven by Patrick McGoohan and his passenger is William Hartnell.

That's right: The Prisoner and Doctor Who in the same cab.

For Man from Uncle fans, there is also an appearance by David McCallum early on.

The other great moment is a table football game near the beginning of the film in which the four participants are:
  • Gordon Jackson
  • Alfie Bass
  • Herbert Lom
  • A young Sean Connery
Yes, James Bond is in it too.

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