Monday, August 21, 2006

Insurance companies are the devil (pt 94)

The Guardian tells us:

Insurance firms have warned policy holders it would be "foolish" to think that they would be covered for burglaries if left their doors and windows open, in the wake of comments from the Metropolitan police chief that crime was now low enough that people felt safe to do so.

Sir Ian Blair caused surprise when, in an interview published today, he claimed people were "...opening their doors, leaving their doors open now, or leaving them unlocked, certainly, in a way they haven't done for 25 years".

Paul Redington, property claims manager at Norwich Union, said people would be offering "a perfect invite" to burglars if they did so.

And he added that claimants "almost certainly" would not be covered if they did so.

You can see his point. If people start trusting one another, there is no knowing where it may end.

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