Saturday, October 07, 2006

More Rees-Mogg

Wikipedia quotes an extract from Ali G's interview with Jacob Rees-Mogg:
Ali G: So what if you got busy with my sister? You wouldn't like it 'cos she ain't the cleanest girl out there! Um, well it can be arranged. She'd be keen!

Rees-Mogg: You speculating on my having a relationship with somebody I've never met and that leading to a child being born and then as to what class it might be is so ... uh ... far fetched ... um ... as to be ridiculous. I have no idea what..

Ali G: What you think you is too good for my sister?

Rees-Mogg: Certainly not. No I wouldn't dream...

Ali G: You is. No, you is though. She's is rank. She's nothing. Believe me, even my mum cuss her, tell her she's a slag!

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