Friday, October 06, 2006

Politicians and clothing

I think we are beginning to see a pattern develop:
  • Jack Straw asks Muslim women to take their veils off;
  • Mark Foley asks teenage boys to take their shorts off.


Will said...

Now we just need to find out who asked Stephen Tall to take his shirt off.

Anonymous said...

I rarely need to be asked...

Stephen Glenn said...

That's what we were afraid off. ;-)

Will said...

Maf54: what you wearing

STall: My usual trendy gear.

Maf54: wish I could see that

STall: You'll be able to: I'm making a video for my blog.

Maf54: wow...thats hot

STall: Thanks.

Maf54: love to help you out of that t-shirt.

STall: No need, I've taken it off.

Maf54: thats a little horny

STall: Not really, I'm just doing some washing.

Maf54: cool