Saturday, October 28, 2006

We'll always have Powys

The Shropshire Star reports:
TV weathergirl Sian Lloyd today scoffed newspaper reports that her two-year engagement to Mid Wales MP Lembit Opik had ended.

Rumours began to fly after the Welsh-born weather presenter appeared on TV last week without her engagement ring.

But Sian today denied there was any possibility that the couple were splitting.

“It’s absolute nonsense,” she said today.
I'm sorry to include such a trivial story, but I have been itching for the chance to use this headline. I also note that the Star does not bother to put the little dots over Lembit's O.

Later. I assume they mean "scoffed at newspaper reports".

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Anonymous said...

The Star's omission of the umlaut ['2 dots'] is correct: it only misleads the reader as it doesn't serve, in English, it's original purpose of indicating how the 'O' is to be pronounced.

Presumably in his native Lithuania [I think] the surname is pronounced 'Erpik' and the umlaut tells the reader this. Few British people, I imagine, know how to get akeyboard to produce an umlaut: I did once know but have forgotten.