Friday, April 20, 2007

Blair to resign on 9 May?

The First Post - "the online daily magazine" - has been getting very excited about this story from The Mole, its "Downing Street insider":
Tony Blair will finally announce his departure to the media on Wednesday May 9, triggering the Labour leadership succession. Weather permitting, he will tell us his decision on the Downing Street lawn.

The Mole can exclusively reveal that senior cabinet ministers including John Prescott are already clearing their diaries. It will be just over eight months after the rebellion, by Labour ministerial aides and MPs, that precipitated Blair's decision to go.

A May 9 announcement will mean Blair leaving Number 10 for the last time at the end of June, 10 years and eight weeks after taking office.

Blair will be able to attend his final EU and G8 summits before going. The disappointment will be that he will not be able to match Thatcher's 11 and a half years as PM.
The Mole calculates that Gordon Brown (for it will be he) will take over as prime minister early in July.

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Anonymous said...

We just can't wait for Blair to go,we just wish they would all go!
Thank goodness the CPS now have the file on the "cash for honours" scam !
I hope the Police have enough evidence to convict !
There seems,on the face of it to be only a few real witnesses,including the American Girl Courtney Coventry.
To all of this Lot,
Lord Levy,Brown,Blair etc,
" In the name of God,GO ! "