Monday, April 09, 2007

Victory at the Lewes Arms?

It looks as though the locals have won their campaign to have Harvey's beers returned to the Lewes Arms.

The Publican reports:
Greene King is expected to bow to consumer pressure and reinstate Harvey’s Best Bitter into Sussex pub the Lewes Arms, following a vociferous campaign by locals.

Adam Collett, marketing director for Greene King's managed pubs, acknowledged his company had “underestimated the strength of feeling which led to many locals boycotting what was once a great British pub. As a result, it has lost some of its character and greatness.”

Although he defended Greene King's right to remove the beer from the pub “and, where we choose, not to sell rival beers”, he admitted the group "did not fully appreciate its special position in Lewes as the former ‘Brewery Tap’, or take into account its history and traditions”.
More news at Lewes Today and on the Friends of the Lewes Arms website.

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Stonch said...

Victory is theirs indeed. A press release from Greene King on Friday confirmed an order to Harveys has been placed and the beer will be ready to drink by the end of this week. You can read more here: