Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lembit goes to law

From Monday's Pandora column in the Independent:
Opik is unhappy about a report that appeared over the weekend linking him with a controversial reality TV show called Killing the Cheeky Girls.

The article, which appeared in the Sunday Express, claimed that Opik was to appear on a show, which aims to trick contestants into believing they have murdered the Z-list pop duo.

"I'm very angry," he tells me. "I'm not in the show and I told the paper when they phoned up that I wasn't involved. I'm now taking legal advice and will be considering legal action as well as reporting them to the Press Complaints Commission.

"It's so distasteful to suggest I'd be involved in anything like this."
Yes, imagine people's chagrin when they realise they haven't murdered the Cheeky Girls.


Anonymous said...

Sunday Express - as in this Sunday, April 1st?

And there I was wondering whether there'd ever been a libel case brough on by an April Fool and whether it could become a special defence :-)

(I assume this was an April fool - if not it's a monumentally tasteless idea!)

Jonathan Calder said...

Poor innocent, you underestimate the depths to which trash TV has already fallen.