Monday, April 30, 2007

Lembit's caravan of love

A new hazard threatens holiday motorists this summer. You may get stuck behind a Cheeky Girl.

The Pandora column in this morning's Independent reported:
Margaret Beckett will soon have a rival MP vying for her title as Westminster's patron saint of caravanning.

He is Lembit Opik, the Cheeky Girl enthusiast and increasingly bizarre frontbencher for the Liberal Democrats.

Opik has told friends he's due to take delivery of a swish new customised motor home which he plans to use for summer holidays with his girlfriend Gabriela Irimia. The pair apparently spotted it when Opik recently opened a mobile home exhibition in Shrewsbury for Salop Leisure.

"It's a bloody great monster of thing. Lembit's really excited about it," says a chum. "He and Gaby are planning to tootle round the UK in it during the summer break for a month or so. Gaby can't wait. In fact the whole idea of buying one was her idea."
Readers of the Shropshire Star will know all about this exhibition already.

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Onlinefocus Team said...

"Lib Dem MP has Attractive Girlfriend Shock"

Hardly newsworthy.... as the lady herself said "If this is a pantomine, why is still on after Easter?"

Time to give the guy a break.