Saturday, April 14, 2007

Norman Baker: Was Robin Cook murdered?

You may recall that one of the projects that Norman Baker devoted himself to after leaving the Lib Dem front bench was investigating the death of David Kelly.

That is not the only death he has suspicions about. The Brighton Argus reports that Norman has doubts about the death of Robin Cook too:
Mr Baker has signed a book deal to explain in greater detail his findings on Dr Kelly's death and he expects to publish it later this year.

But the MP insists he will continue to investigate.

He has nagging doubts about the official line taken over the recent Navy hostages taken in Iran and over the death of Robin Cook, the MP who resigned in protest at the Iraq war.

He said: "Robin Cook was on Ministry of Defence land, I believe, when he died and certainly I have doubts over what happened."

There are those, of course, who doubt Norman Baker's theories.

But for every person out there who does there are an equal number for whom the MP has become a beacon of truth in an increasingly murky world.
Thanks to UK Daily Pundit, who also points us to an old posting on Shaphan.


Anonymous said...

Is he also going to investigate the death of Scotland's First Minister Donald Dewer ?

Paul Linford said...

I find it fairly easy to believe that Cookie might have been done in by some MoD stooge, rather harder to believe that Gaynor could have been party to such a cover-up.

The Cook assassination theory moreorless requires us to believe that Gaynor was an MI5 plant from before the start of their relationship.

Anonymous said...

hmm or that she was told point blank - how would she feel for her children (Christopher being one) should they meet the same unfortunate accident!
Times of phone messages from Cookes own phone seem to run coun ter to the official story.

Very conveiniant death

Recovered said...

He also needsto investigate the death of John Smith