Sunday, August 19, 2007

Alistair Darling's bizarre economics

Following George Osborne, the second in our new series.

The other day I thought I heard Darling say something odd about the economy when he was interviewed on BBC radio about Tory plans for tax cuts.

Freedom and Whisky heard it too:

I just heard my MP on the radio a few minutes ago. He was talking about the Tory noises about tax cuts.

Darling said:

Take £21 billion out of the economy and it's bound to have an effect.

Does the Chancellor really think that the economy consists solely of the state sector?

And he obviously dyes his eyebrows too.


Jock Coats said...

I don't think he dyes his eyebrows. I think they are that way because of the pact he has clearly made with the Lord of Darkness.

Tristan said...

Only the state exists. All else is frippery surely?

Oh and our politicians are made of gold and we're just base metals or something...

Mountjoy said...

I need to clear this up.

Look, guys, under Blair it was Brown and Balls.

Under Brown it is Darling and his eyebrows. They fulfil the same task as Balls did, which proves how useful he was.

Brown wanted Balls as his Chancellor but couldn't get away with it. He got Harman and couldn't get away with not having her. Major got away with having his way with Currie.