Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Britain's Favourite View

Inspired by the ITV series, here is mine.

Magdalene M. Weale, in her seminal Through the Highlands of Shropshire on Horseback (1935), kindly described what you see from Brown Clee:
Westward hills of all shapes and sizes: mighty piers jutting out into the sea; giant fists and breasts; mammoth heads, shoulders and buttocks; monstrous barrows, bivouacs and saddles; cones and pyramids, all in wild jostling profusion, with their crests of forest like the manes of flying steeds or elfin streamers in the wind, and in between the ranges elevated valleys like wave-troughs in the sea, waiting in everlasting suspense for the fall of the black sea-horses into their depths.
Thank you, Magadalene,

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Nich Starling said...

I'm afraid I didn't watch it. As soon as I saw that trevor McDonald was presenting ANOTHER ITV show, I couldn't be bothered. McDonald reads other people's words well, he was a newsreader, but he never ever sounds like he means it and he has no empathy.

I tire of ITV constantly using Robson Green, trvor mcDonald, and their other "Stable" of people over and over.

On the subject of views, I like the view from the end of Cromer Pier, facing inland towards Cromer. Fantastic.