Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Camden Lib Dems' cookbook: "Serve a Liberal Helping"

Camden Liberal Democrats' new cookbook, Serve a Liberal Helping, will be published in September. This collection of recipes by Lib Dem luminaries and members, say the publishers, "captures the essence of the party's energy and joie-de-vivre". They suggest it is also the ideal cookbook for those who love to share great food in the midst of busy lives. Within its pages you can:
  • learn from assorted members of parliament and councillors how to cook great food in a hurry;
  • enjoy Charles Kennedy's recipe for a breakfast smoothie;
  • discover the festive secret Lord Navnit Dholakia has not told his friends to this day;
  • read an old family recipe contributed by Lord Bill Rodgers, never before written down;
  • find out what Lembit Opik MP likes to nibble while watching Question Time.
More details, including ordering information, on the Camden Lib Dems' Website.


Nich Starling said...

You should have got Norman Lamb to tell his mother to hand over her recipe for Muligatawny soup.

I remember when we were campaigning in 2001 that myself and Simon Hughes and his driver John ate it all before Norman got back from canvassing. Absolutely delicious, and Norman was not best pleased that his mum had let us have it all.

Unknown said...

Norman Lamb is keeping the Mulligatawny to himself. His contribution to the cookbook is 'Quick Prawn Curry'. But with such a pedigree, I'm sure it's excellent.

Phil Wainewright
Chair, Camden Lib Dems