Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Your 20 top blogs: A reminder

A reminder that Iain Dale is seeking nomination for your 20 favourite political blogs. You have until 15 August to vote.

A number of lists inspired by this poll have recently appeared. And Iain has also asked some people to help produce the new edition of his Guide to Political Blogging in the UK by ranking the Lib Dem blogs.

All these may help you in compiling your own list. And they give me a chance to show off.

Paul Linford has listed his top 20 political blogs. Liberal England is at no. 3.

Stephen Tall has listed his top 100 Lib Dem blogs - he too puts Liberal England at no. 3.

Norfolk Blogger has named his top 50 Lib Dem blogs here (and then his next 50 favourites). He has this blog at, you guessed it, no. 3.

Nick has also given his top 10 blogs from across the political spectrum. Liberal England is no. 5 in that list: "A mix of what is funny, analysis and proper commentary. You can dip in and out of this blog easily like a good book."

Liberty Alone lists his top 20 in no particular order and describes this blog as "A classic of blogging. Interesting, witty and amusing."

Finally, Liberty's Requiem, a Conservative blog I have not come across before, includes Liberal England in his 20 favourites.

Thanks everyone, and don't forget to vote.

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