Sunday, November 30, 2008

Harriet Harman breaks ranks on Damian Green arrest

The leader of the house has become the first cabinet minister to distance herself from the arrest of the Tory immigration spokesman. The BBC reports:
Harriet Harman has said she is "very concerned" by the arrest of Conservative immigration spokesman Damian Green.

Ms Harman also said she understood MPs' anger at the way police officers had raided Mr Green's Parliamentary and constituency bases.

And she said protection of MPs' offices from police raids must be reviewed.
A sign of the way the wind is blowing?


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dreamingspire said...

Vernon Bogdanor (Oxford Prof) has just said on R4 Today (8 am News) that MPs' immunity is very limited, and doesn't extend to the subject of this current investigation. But Vernon was not heard to say anything about police and the sanctity of the Palace of Westminster.

Jonathan Calder said...

You mean Harriet Harman is a woman?

The posting has been subtly edited in the light of your comment.