Sunday, November 16, 2008

Roxy Music: Do the Strand

In view of this blog's recent preoccupation with Otis Ferry (and the plot still thickens) and Bryan Ferry, there is only one band to choose this week. As I wrote the other day:

I would not like to see Bryan Ferry locked up. He and Roxy Music were two of the very few good things about chart music after the demise of glam rock (which was not much good itself) and before the rise of punk and new wave.

If you remember the TV series The Rock 'n' Roll Years, which showed news footage to the accompaniment of contemporary pop songs, they had to play three Roxy Music tracks to get any decent music at all when they got to 1975.

And do not forget that Ferry's bandmate Brian Eno is Nick Clegg's youth affairs adviser.

This is one of Roxy Music's best early songs. It is worth sitting through the minute or so of chat at the start.

Brian Eno is the exotic creature in the silver top playing what our resident music expert calls "a funny electronic thing".


Duncan Borrowman said...

I blogged Brain One's latest collaboration with David Byrne yesterday here where you can listen to the streaming album.
Some of us above a certain age in the Lib Dems will also remember Bill MacCormick, who has close connections as a bass player with Brian Eno, and fellow Roxy member Phil Manzanera

Frank Little said...

Wasn't Brian Eno responsible for the "Intel Inside" theme? I don't think that should be held against him, though, when weighed against his professed support for the Liberal Democrats.

As to Otis Ferry ...