Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Idiot of the Day: Gordon Taylor of the PFA

The Ipswich Town footballer David Norris, who made a public gesture of support for the jailed player Luke McCormick after scoring a goal on Saturday, has rightly been fined by his club.

McCormick was jailed after causing the deaths of two young boys while driving back drunk from Norris's wedding.

But it is the remarks by the of the chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association and reputedly Britain's highest paid trade union official, Gordon Taylor, that stand out for their idiocy:
"In fairness to the lad, he could not have realised the consequence of his actions."
First, Norris is not a lad. He is a man of 28.

Second, why could he not have realised the consequences of his actions? If he is bright enough to find his way to training every day, he is bright enough to have been able to foresee that this action would be grossly insensitive and cause widespread offence.

There is something about Taylor and his cloying voice that makes you feel you want a bath after hearing him speak. That feeling is redoubled today.

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Unknown said...

Taylor is a complete idiot