Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Otis Ferry stays behind bars

I as I wrote earlier, the latest Calder's Comfort Farm reports the claim of Daniel Kawczynski, the Tory MP for Shrewsbury, that Otis Ferry is being held as a political prisoner.

Tonight, courtesy of the Shropshire Star, comes the news that:

Rock star’s son Otis Ferry was told he will remain behind bars today after his counsel withdrew a bail application.

Countryside campaigner Ferry, 25, of Eaton Mascott, near Shrewsbury, son of Roxy Music singer Bryan Ferry, appeared at Gloucester Crown Court this afternoon.
Ferry’s barrister Guy Gozem told the court he would not proceed with a scheduled bail application, but did not give a reason.

Ferry, who has been on remand in HMP Gloucester for eight weeks, could face another four months in custody as he awaits trial for robbery, assault and “witness nobbling” charges.


Anonymous said...

It says a lot for the quality of this Tory MP's intelligence that it hasn't crossed his mind that if one of the allegations against Mr Ferry is for nobbling witnesses, it might not necessarily serve the ends of justice to let him loose. Or perhaps it has and because he is a fox hunting nob, it doesn't matter

Angela Cox said...

On the day when I was asked to keep my opinions to myself on the fan-site for Otis's dad it's a joy to read your Newstatesman article. We are being silenced despite my fanship of his father going back to 1972 . I still await the day daddy says something senssible about his son's atrocious behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Angela Cox, how can you call yourself a fan and slate a father for publicly supporting his son? Who are the we in `We are being silenced`, hunt sabateurs perhaps?, certainly NOT Ferry fans. I say it is your behaviour Angela Cox that is atrocious and I hope that you never have a child in prison, and that the fan site has banned you,`FANS` like you Bryan can well do without