Thursday, November 20, 2008

Now the Curse of House Points strikes down Anne Moffat

I recently reported that my Liberal Democrat News column House Points has developed a curse. Both Jonathan Ross and George Osborne have been struck down by it.

Now it has claimed a third victim: Anne Moffat, the Labour MP for East Lothian.

Back in April I wrote:

I know what’s wrong with the Labour Party these days. It’s called Anne Moffat and sits in the House of Commons for East Lothian.
Her crime? Attacking the saintly Norman Baker, that's what.

Now J. Arthur McNumpty reports that she has fallen foul of her local party:

when discussions started regarding her re-selection, it turned out that her local colleagues were less than enthralled at the prospect ...

... of the six branches in the (Westminster) Constituency, three voted against her gaining an automatic re-selection for 2010 ... and a further Branch, Prestonpans, was deadlocked on the matter. Even the local Fabians rounded on her: it was Union support that kept her in place, but the row simmered on, with the local party Executive seeking an "open vote" on her re-selection at an ugly meeting that saw her flounce out after reading a prepared statement.

I expect news of her deselection any day now.

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Frank Little said...

It gets worse (or better, depending on your point of view). See Brian Taylor.