Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Announcing the Carnival on Modern Liberty

James Graham has the exciting news that Liberal Conspiracy - in association with Our Kingdom and Unlock Democracy - is launching a weekly Carnival on Modern Liberty.

Blog carnivals are collections of links to postings, on different blogs, that have a theme in common. Contributing to them is a good way of raising the profile of an issue or subject that interests you, meeting like-minded bloggers and bringing new visitors to your own blog.

I have hosted the mainly American Carnival of the Liberals here a couple of times and also contribute occasionally to carnivals on films and children's literature.

James explains that this new carnival is particularly interested in blog posting on:
  • ACTION: our favourite category! ideas and initiatives for raising awareness of civil liberty-related issues.
  • EVENTS: civil-liberty related events that you are either organising or would like to promote (you don’t need to wait until 28 February before holding a meetup, tweetup or even just a social to the pub or cinema - if it’s civil liberty related, publicise it here).
  • JEERS: reports of the latest assaults on liberties.
  • CHEERS: good news (we do get it occasionally!) and praise for the champions of liberty.
  • WHAT LIBERTY MEANS TO ME: think pieces about what liberty in a modern context actually means (once you’ve been all philosophical, do an action post to balance things out :)).
Read James's posting for further information, including details of how to nominate postings to appear in the carnival.

Incidentally, the comments on his posting, which give the impression that a significant proportion of the site's readers are not that concerned about liberty, confirm me in my sniffy view of Liberal Conspiracy. It is more Labour than Liberal.

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