Saturday, January 24, 2009

The police and Daniel Kawczynski

Michael Crick has more on the police visit to Daniel Kawczynski office. He writes:

The reaction to the story has been pretty unanimous - that Mr Kawczynski is a rather eccentric though amiable figure, and grossly over-reacted. (Some have used stronger and more abusive language).

I now wonder, however, whether the media, the Speaker and The Conservative Party have been unfair to him, and whether there were indeed quite important principles at stake. Worse than that, did the police abuse their position?

Crick reproduces in full statements by two youthful members of Kawczynski's staff who were present when the police arrived. Read them and judge for yourself whether the lofty defender of Otis Ferry has been traduced.

Iain Dale reports that Michael Martin has refused to meet Kawczynski. But surely that is precisely what the Speaker is paid to do, if only to put a fatherly arm around Kawczynski's shoulders and tell him to stop being such a fool.

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