Sunday, January 11, 2009

Martha and the Muffins: Echo Beach

After a hard day delivering Liberal Alliance leaflets for some by-election candidate in the 1980s I would retire to the pub. In those days Echo Beach always seemed to be on the jukebox, but this is a live version recorded at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham, in 1980.

Martha and the Muffins turn out to have been a Canadian band. And in the days when they recorded Echo Beach there were two members called Martha: Martha Johnson and Martha Ladly.

Hence, no doubt, the old Canadian proverb: "Too many Marthas and not enough Muffins."


Glynn Kalara said...

I once owned what was called an Alt. Rock Nightclub back in the 80's and 90's and this song was one of the most requested songs. It was also one of my personal favorites, still is.

Anonymous said...

A fanatstic track, and the session guitarist on the original was, I believe, knocking around the lib Dems in the South East a few years back.

Liberal Neil.