Saturday, January 24, 2009

More oldest former MPs

Inspired by my recent posting, Iain Dale has been asking who the oldest surviving MPs for all the parties are.

So far the winners are:
  • Conservatives: James Allason (born 6 September 1912)
  • Labour: William Wilson (born 28 June 1913)
  • Liberal: George Mackie, as suggested in my original posting
  • Other parties: Ernest Millington (Common Wealth; born 15 February 1916)
I remember Allason being my MP when I was a small boy in Hertfordshire. He is the father of Rupert Allason, who also became a Tory MP but is better known as the writer Nigel West.

Later. There is an older living Labour MP: Ted Short, born 17 December 1912. Thanks to a comment on Michael Crick's blog for this.

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