Thursday, January 08, 2009

David Heath and David Howarth favoured in Lib Dem reshuffle

Two of the Lib Dems more respected House of Commons performers have done well out of Nick Clegg's reshuffle today.

David Heath returns to become our shadow leader of the House, the position he occupied between 2005 and 2007. It is a great shame that Nick Clegg's first act as leader was to oblige him to resign by... But don't start me on that.

David Howarth is promoted to shadow justice secretary, a post eminently suited to his talents.

Elsewhere, Susan Kramer is standing down to defend her seat (and oppose a third runway at Heathrow) and Lynne Featherstone takes up a new post as chair of the party's new technology board.

The BBC also says that John Sharkey has been appointed deputy chair of the general election campaign. In view of the robocalling debacle that followed last year's Lib Dem Conference, I hope someone with political nous keeps an eye on him.

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rob's uncle said...

I suggest:

Webb shouldn't've been moved away from Pensions but he was doing a good job on Climate Change so I would have left him to it.

Nor should Kramer have been moved from Transport [her special subject]; however she may think she needs more time to defend her seat against Goldsmith's millions.

Featherstone should be on the Front bench.

Hughes has had a good innings and should be retired.

Willott's role will include 'The Family' which Kramer was doing, an important role.