Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brian Eno and Nick Clegg

Does anyone know how Brian Eno - "stalwart member of 'The Roxy Music' and heir to the fruit salts fortune" according to Lord Bonkers - is getting on as Nick Clegg's adviser on youth affairs? We have not heard a great deal about this role since his appointment was announced.

Some wondered at the time whether Eno was to old for the role. However, he is a full three days younger than Steve Winwood, who would obviously have been this blog's choice.


Simon Titley said...

I never understood why Brian Eno was appointed an advisor on youth affairs. However, he would make an excellent advisor on broader issues.

He is one of the world's leading creative thinkers. For example, he is involved in the think tank The Long Now Foundation (http://www.longnow.org/); he has produced a brilliant creative tool called 'Oblique Strategies' (http://www.rtqe.net/ObliqueStrategies/); and he writes an interesting monthly column in Prospect magazine.

It's a great pity the party does not make use of these skills.

Anders said...

I don't think he ever was appointed an advisor on youth affairs. He was appointed as an advisor on targeting hard to reach groups, which included young people but was much wider than that.

However, your question on where he is now does of course still stand.

Backwatersman said...

I imagine he turns up with his Oblique Strategies cards and shows them one when they're stuck on how to decide on some really hard policy questions.

"Honour your mistakes as hidden intentions", for instance, might come in handy.