Sunday, November 08, 2009

If you want a good bonfire party go to the Catholics

As is now traditional the best firework display in Market Harborough last night was the one given by the town's Roman Catholic primary school.

It is a pleasing paradox and a rejoinder to those who think like Combom:
Read your history books, bonfire night is an anti-catholic, pro-parliamentary celebration - I'm not saying its right or wrong to celebrate it, my daughter isn't going to be the only child in the street with no fireworks - but you ought to realise whats going on!
Festivals mean what people today make them mean. Let's not strip our culture of all enjoyment for fear of giving offence to someone.


Oranjepan said...

I have to edge in a touch here.

Bonfire night isn't anti-catholic - it is against medeival clericism and imperial popery.

The dogmatic centralised authoritarianism which cultivated the plotters' conspiracy has place in the modern world.

Max Atkinson said...

But for those of us who went to the same school as Guy Fawkes, bonfires were banned as it was deemed 'bad form' to burn an old boy!