Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Statues at St Pancras

I was down at St Pancras today for a business lunch - there is a phrase you would not have written a few years ago - and noticed that Paul Day has now added a frieze to the base of his giant statue The Meeting.

It does not make me warm to the statue, but it the frieze itself is a striking piece of work. I did not have my camera with me today, but Londonist has posted a video of it.

The photograph above, which I took on an earlier visit, shows Martin Jennings' charming statue of John Betjeman.


dreamingspire said...

So was it an all expenses paid trip? Is someone influencing bloggers (trying to)?
I was lucky enough to arrive at St P by Eurostar on the evening of the day that it reopened - lucky because I was in Paris at a trade show on an Easyjet ticket, but someone who was there by Eurostar on a non-exchangeable ticket was summoned back early by his company and so gave me his ticket. Fantastic view as we approached round the big curve.

Jonathan Calder said...

It was strictly for the day job. If anyone does want to influence me, my email address is top right.

crewegwyn said...

Perhaps it's just me, but I think the new St Pancras is a mess.

Cutting through to the undercroft - to me - has completely compromised the old Barlow train shed.

It's a fine place if you want to do some (expensive) shopping, but - excuse me if I'm going off at a complete tangent here - isn't it a little inconvenient for actually catching a train? And I'm thinking here of destinations like Derby, Nottingham or Leicester. Just how far is it now from the Euston Road to a seat on the train?

Backwatersman said...

It's about five minutes (I do it twice a day).

Used to be about 30 seconds.

dreamingspire said...

Ought to have a Travelator thingy to and from the local service platforms (or a tiny hop-on hop-off train?).