Friday, November 20, 2009

Steve Winwood, Ronald Reagan and Jacques Derrida

How can I resist this essay on The Rumpus?

It is a meditation on "Higher Love" - which is not one of my favourite Winwood songs either - and takes in Reagan, Derrida and Levi-Strauss:
I would volunteer the hypothesis that no matter how abject the pop confection is, there is often a moment of the sublime hovering in there somewhere ... and that Steve Winwood, with his rather thrilling past, his past of greater accomplishment, was calling forth this possibility of music, that it can fuse us to some more interesting set of forces and meanings, something more comprehensive than just what’s happening on the surface. A dreadful song, therefore, with a useful philosophical nugget concealed deeply within.
The comments are worth reading too.

Incidentally, I have never heard Winwood live but I did hear Derrida.


Blognor Regis said...

I thought it was about Robert Millar.

backwatersman said...

I once heard a lecture by Derrida too, in - I think - 1981 (on Kafka/Before the Law). I thought he looked like Blake Carrington from Dynasty, and I believe he was arrested for possession of cocaine on his way back out of the country which, (after the lecture) didn't surprise me at all. Rock'n'roll - phew!

backwatersman said...

Apologies for the last comment. I can see it's not very clever to leave defamatory statements on someone else's blog, even if it's substantially true and the person concerned is dead.

Checking my facts, I see he made it as far as Czechoslovakia,and he claimed the Czech government planted the drugs on him as he was visiting Kafka's grave.

wolfi said...

You never heard Steve Winwood live ?

You must be kidding!

My partner and I went to several of his gigs in 2008 and 2009 in Europe- you will have a chance again in 2010, he'll be doing a Europian tour again, although no details are available yet.
Maybe you should start with the DVD of his concerts at Madisopn Square Garden with Eric Clapton...