Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lib Dems believe there's life on Mars

Liberal Democrats are the party members most likely to believe in aliens, according to a poll reported by This is Gloucestershire:
A survey carried out by research company Ipsos MORI showed that, of all the political parties, 25 per cent of Lib Dems quizzed over whether they believed life would be found on Mars this year said yes. 
It compared to 18 per cent of Labour voters and 16 per cent of Conservatives.
And the report turns up a couple of local Lib Dems to exemplify these findings:
Cheltenham Mayor Colin Hay (LD, Oakley) said the results of the survey showed backers of his party were possibly more open-minded than their counterparts. 
"I'm not sure what the survey proves really, but I suppose you could say that perhaps Lib Dem voters are a bit more open-minded than your average voter," he said. 
"I don't think it shows they are gullible – perhaps just that they are prepared to believe there is something out there." 
However, Mr Hay said he did not believe Cheltenham was under threat of an alien invasion any time soon.
Fellow Lib Dem councillor Charles Stewart (All Saints) said was a firm believer in extra-terrestrial life. 
He urged the people of Cheltenham to keep an open mind over whether there was something out there. 
"I believe in aliens," he said. 
"There is so much we don't know about I'm of the view that you can't rule anything out until the proof is there in front of you. 
"Perhaps this shows we Lib Dems are more likely to reserve judgement until we have the full facts." 
Asked whether he thought an alien landing was more likely than the Liberal Democrats winning a majority in Government, Mr Stewart remained diplomatic. 
"I'd better not say," he added. "They are both probably some way off."

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